HIP HOP BEN on Threadless

Score my design “HIP HOP BEN” on @Threadless!

HIP HOP BEN on Threadless

Score my design “HIP HOP BEN” on @Threadless!


Caux Collective Introduces: Hasegawa Yosuke

These beautifully innovative pieces from Japanese Artist, Hasegawa Yosuke, dubbed ‘Moneygami’ take famous, stoic, often straight-laced figures from throughout history and reinvents them in the form of informal portraits. Using a vast range of currency-orientated head-wear, the way we see these subjects are flipped as each subject takes on a new meaning.

If you would like to see more artwork from Yosuke, take a look at his website, as linked above, or go ahead and ‘Like’ his Facebook page, where you can receive regular updates regarding exhibitions and new pieces.

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Spencer Tunick’s large-scale photographic installations using thousands of nude individuals to create something mesmerizing and truly unique.

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How to fold Money Origami KID LINCOLN.

Just try to make with your $5.

by Yosuke Hasegawa